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Our suite of Treasury Management services allows businesses to minimize internal administration and maximize use of excess funds. We work directly with you to meet your specific business needs and provide intuitive Treasury Management solutions.

i-Business Banking™

i-BusinessBanking is an integrated online business banking treasury management application that provides your business access to an extensive array of account information, wherever and whenever you want. i-Business-Banking allows account reporting, payment initiations and file downloads and uploads, all with the click of a mouse. i-Business Banking services include:

Account Reporting

  • Access information for all of your accounts, including those at other banks
  • Balance Reporting and Transaction Reporting
  • Online Loan Transaction History
  • View Check Images
  • Positive Pay
  • Initiate Stop Payments

Payments Initiation

  • ACH Disbursements and Collections
  • Domestic and International Wire Transfers
  • Internal Account-to-Account Transfers
  • Financial Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Loan Payments

File Downloads/Uploads

  • Upload files from your internal system’s accounting software to i-BusinessBanking (such as ACH payroll information and checks issued file for Positive Pay)
  • Download reports from i-BusinessBanking to your computer such as EDI information, ACH return reports, and reconciliation reports
  • The Quick Books download feature allows you to download bank account information from i-BusinessBanking to your accounting software



Our remote deposit capture service provides you with an easy, fast and convenient way to send your deposits to the bank electronically, without having to leave your office. With i-BusinessCaptureTM, you won’t have to travel to the bank to deposit checks, saving money and giving you more time to focus on your business. It will also accelerate the availability of funds.

Special imaging scanners are installed at your offices to scan your checks and transmit the images directly to the bank for deposit into your account.

How it Works

It’s a simple and fast process with 3 easy steps:

  • Log onto the bank’s secure i-BusinessCapture site
  • Feed your check into the scanner
  • Transmit

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces paperwork by eliminating the need for paper deposit slips
  • No need to travel to the bank to make your deposit
  • Improves check deposit research ability
  • Our technology specialists will procure and install all equipment
  • Allows users ability to run reports to capture deposit information
  • Can be used as a fully integrated accounts receivable tool with existing accounting package




MaxSafe® Accounts

Receive up to $3.75 Million in FDIC insurance with our MaxSafe® Deposit Account.

The MaxSafe Account is designed for those seeking a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or Money Market Account (MMA) with additional FDIC insurance.  MaxSafe is an innovative and unmatched investment alternative that provides up to 15 times the FDIC security of a traditional banking deposit. 

How can we offer this unparalleled level of protection? By depositing your funds across a group of our fifteen affiliated community banks. Fifteen banks mean fifteen times the usual $250,000 level of FDIC maximum protection. We also make things simple by providing one summary statement and one 1099 form at tax time.

MaxSafe® Certificate of Deposit
•    Automatically renewable, fixed-rate Certificate of Deposit (of a chosen term) with FDIC insurance of up to $3.75 million per titled account.
•    Available for consumers, businesses and not-for-profits. It is not currently available for IRA’s, however.
•    A minimum opening deposit of $100,000 is required.

MaxSafe® Money Market Account
•    FDIC insurance of up to $3.75 million per titled account.
•    6 pre-authorized transfers and/or withdrawals per month, of which 3 may be by draft or similar order payable to a third party
•    Available for consumers, businesses and not-for-profits. 
•    A minimum opening deposit of $250,000 is required.
•    A minimum service charge of $75 will be assessed if the balance falls below $250,000.

For more information, please stop by the bank and speak with a personal banker.  For more information on FDIC Insurance coverage, please visit


Payment Solutions

Wintrust’s payment solutions offer you ways to expand your payment options.  This will increase your sales, cash flow and customer base.

Merchant Processing

With today’s economic challenges, middle-market companies need strong, experienced lenders that understand their business. Wintrust Business Credit, delivered through Wintrust Commercial Banking, specializes in creative and competitive asset-based lending. We offer revolving lines of credit on accounts receivable and inventory, as well as term loans secured by equipment and real estate.

Along with the Wintrust family of community banks, the Wintrust Business Credit team work as a cohesive unit to bring the best financial solutions to companies like yours throughout Chicago and southern Wisconsin markets. Not limited to any particular industry, Wintrust Business Credit has the financial solution designed for your specific business.

Each member of our senior management team averages over 25 years of commercial banking experience, providing business owners with a superior level of confidence that they are receiving the right financial advice for their situations. Our team of lenders will listen and understand each business’ needs and provide a senior debt structure that will allow their company to grow and prosper.

Wintrust Business Credit combines community banking, best-in-class commercial lending, and a family of strong, well capitalized banks—a winning combination for your business. We put the word “relationship” back into the commercial banking experience.

For more information about Wintrust Business Credit, please contact Wintrust Business Credit's Robert Shanahan, President, at (312) 291-2920 or Jack A. Myers, Senior Vice President, at (312) 291-2922.

International Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of international banking services to help you compete around the globe. Our team of experienced in-house professionals will meet all of your International Banking needs.

  • Foreign Exchange:
    • Over 80 currencies traded
    • Spot and Forward contracts
    • Up-to-the-minute rates on our stand alone web-based platform
    • FX Loans
  • Trade Finance:
    • Import Letters of Credit
    • Export Letters of Credit
    • Bankers Acceptance Financing
    • Standby Letters of credit
    • Documentary Collections
  • International trade advisory services
    • Letter of Credit and payment terms structuring
    • Foreign buyer and vendor credit reporting
    • Risk mitigation
  • SWIFT Address:
    • TOWNUS44 - under Town Bank®, a Wintrust Community Bank

For more information about Wintrust International Services, please contact Tom Beube, Director International Services, at (312) 291-2904.